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Monday, April 11, 2016

Foo Hai Chan Monastery - Singapore

Foo Hai Chan Monastery is a Mahayana Buddhist temple founded in 1935 by Venerable Hong Zong, who was born in Taiwan, ordained in Japan and came to Singapore to propagate Buddhism. The temple was rebuilt into a Southern Chinese styled temple in 1964 and subsequently into a Tang Dynasty styled temple in 2004. It has a pair of Heng Ha Dharma Protectors at the main gate of Foo Hai Chan, which serve to protect the monastery. They originated from the Sanskrit word Guhyapada, which refers to a prince that became leader of 500 Vajra Protectors. Initially there was just one Dharma protector per monastery, but the Chinese are not used to "odd" number and so they have a pair, similar to Door Gods in Taoist and Chinese Folk Religion temples. In the main hall of the monastery are two intricately crafted statues - one is a 9.9 metres tall Thousand-hands Guanyin and the other is a 3.3 metres tall Buddha. 

During the 2004's rebuild a pagoda was constructed for the Siddhartha centre (formerly known as Siddhartha Temple), which donated 6 million dollars to Foo Hai Chan Monastery and officially moved into the monastery in October 2004. The Siddhartha Centre was founded in 1954 by the late Master Wong Foo Siong in the Hainanese village at 44 Lincoln Road and was relocated to 19 Lincoln Road in 1977, in an area known colloquially as "Red Bridge Head".
Sacred Crystal Lotus Flower- Single Stalk  (Red Rose)
Size - M2.  5 petals with Stalk.
Made of  Crystals From Swarovski-Austria
Sacred Crystal Lotus Flower- Single Stalk.
Made of  Crystals From Swarovski-Austria